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Published by admin on 27 Oct 2008

Two retro pussies exposed

Retro Vintage Retro Porn

This is the eternal theme - whether the clean shaved or hairy pussy is better. The arguing has lasted for years. Well, these vintage babes decided not to waste time on silly talkings. They just bared off their pussies and let the guys make their own decision having presented both bushy and bald cunts.

Published by admin on 16 Oct 2008

Retro cunt gets unbarred

retro nude Retro Vintage

Ah! This sexy retro babe is always smiling and that’s what I like no less than her sweet pussy covered with incredibly thick bush of hair. She uncovers boobs and smiles, she stretches and smiles - this cheerful vintage girl absolutely impressed me with her merry nature and natural view!

Published by admin on 13 Oct 2008

Retro acrobatic skits

retro vintage Retro Pics

What I like the most about the vintage era are those fabulous, gorgeous, amazing circus performances where the incredible retro babes demonstrate acrobatic skits. This collection of pics provides you with sexily dressed girls showing the individual performance only for you! Do you really want to miss it?

Published by admin on 10 Oct 2008

Hot dances in retro pics

retro vintage retro nude

How is that retro dance called? Can you remember? If no, never mind! You will forget not only the name of the dance? You will forget your own name once see this amazing vintage lady that behaves furiously before the camera performing sexy moves and uncovering erotically shaking tits!

Published by admin on 01 Oct 2008

Retro lingerie gets posed

retro nude Retro Pics

She wanted to try something absolutely new, this salacious vintage chick. Well, so said, so done. She put on the leather outfit with stockings and gloves and it seems she fulfilled not only her retro partner’s love fantasies, but the secret desires of many generations to get the dominating and aggressive lover!